Knowledge work is changing. It’s now increasingly common to see knowledge workers work from home, work multiple jobs at once, or work on contracts with multiple clients at once. is a newsletter and blog by Sanjay Saraf about the substantive issues as we transition to a new relationship between work and employee. What does research say about our productivity as we make this transition? What will change about the parts of work (benefits, liability protection, insurance, real estate) that aren’t, well, work? How do we think about remote workers in the USA vs those in foreign countries? What is knowledge work? Can we distinguish it from other kinds of work? How will that work be done differently?

The answers to these questions will dictate a lot about your future. If we’re right, the next century is going to be a major shift, from 40 hour-a-week to something very different, at least for a certain class of workers in certain industries.

We’ll try to determine these answers by examining the research and finding stories among those in similar industries who’ve already made such transitions. There are no easy answers here. We’re here to examine the facts, follow the trail of evidence, and then discuss our findings. This site is for anyone looking to join those conversations or follow them as they happen.

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Knowledge work is changing. This newsletter talks about how and why. Read more about the advent of remote work, part-time work, and the future of digital labor.


Sanjay Saraf is founder & CEO at Partly ( Previously, he was Staff PM at Benchling, where he led the data & analytics portfolio, managed an acquisition, and led the Studies and AI Reporting teams.